It was in September 2000 that Moira and Gordon Anderson celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and they decided that, to mark the event, they would create the Acorn Charitable trust.

Since then, Acorn has helped over 40 individuals and organisations to finance their education and other activities, with commitments to individuals, in particular, being mostly for multi-year courses.

Although we like to meet our beneficiaries at the outset of our relationship, and hope to keep in touch as much as possible during the period of our funding assistance, inevitably we lose contact as life goes on. However, to celebrate our 20 year anniversary we are looking to host a gathering of as many of our beneficiaries as possible, probably at our home in Perthshire and probably in September 2020. Definite dates and locations are not easy to determine in this most unusual year, but we will do so ASAP.

We believe that many of our Acorn beneficiaries will have developed into healthy saplings at least, if not quite fully mature oaks! And many will be able to benefit from the networking this event could generate, not to mention the fun of just being together in a sociable setting with people who have had some similar experiences. Please get in touch if you have been a beneficiary at any time over the last 20 years, we’d love to hear from you. And we will let you know as our anniversary plans come to fruition.young oak1